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Words and Money: High Fashion Without The Debt with Daniela Corrente

Words and Money Episode 41: High Fashion without the Debt with Reeelit co-founder and CEO, Daniela Corrente

W+M 041: An Interview with Daniela Corrente

Today on the show I’m sitting down with Daniela Corrente, the CEO and CoFounder of Reeelit, an online platform that helps individuals save money when shopping for items on their wish list and simultaneously keeps them out of debt because they never have to swipe a credit card. In this episode we chat about why now is the time to start a business if you’re feeling curious and motivated, why it’s okay to have expensive taste and how it’s totally possible to afford some of the finer things in life, and why it usually is better to go after those quality items and how you can do it without going into debt.

Listen to the show:

What we talk about:

  • Daniela’s advice for those thinking about starting their own business.

  • Putting charitable donations on credit at the age of 18

  • Daniela shares her belief on living a life of luxury

  • Why Daniela will never negotiate a night of drinks with friends and how she makes it more affordable.

  • For a limited time use the code “PODCAST” to get a $10 coupon for using Reeelit.

Takeaway: Buying High Fashion without the Debt

Perfect! - Learn How to Purchase High-Fashion and Timeless Pieces without the Debt. - This is what I needed! A way to have a high-end closet without the pressure to swipe my credit card and pay extra in interest. This co-founder has the solution! - Pin for your next shopping spree.
  • Investing in timeless pieces in fashion which gives you time to save in order to buy

  • The evolution of technology and lack of evolution of payment technology

  • When we come out of college we rarely have cash, but don’t need to go further into debt.

  • Reeelit solves the problem to save automatic contributions in a savings plan over time for what you want, while Reeelit works to find you the best deal for the item on your wishlist.

  • Why is saving better than using a credit card to pay for what you want?

  • “The Real Cost” Series: What is the real cost of Louboutins if buying with Credit Card versus using a Saving Strategy.

  • Fashion is perishable because of the seasons.

  • How to save for holiday gifts and get the gifts that you.

  • 6 out of 10 millennials in the U.S. don’t have credit cards.

Afford the finer things in life, like high-fashion quality pieces, without the debt. Learn how to do it using Reeelit. I'm interviewing the co-founder and CEO, Daniela Corrente.
Learn how to live a life of luxury without going into debt. An interview with Reeelit CEO and Co-Founder, Daniela Corrente.

Contact Daniela: Twitter (@DaniCorrente) Email:


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