Episode 65: Productivity and Money Hacks with Amanda Boleyn

WW 065 Amanda Boleyn on Productivity and Money Hacks

WW 065: Amanda Boleyn on Productivity Hacks and Killer Money Tips

Amanda Boleyn is the Founder and Host of She Did It Her Way. She is and educator and coach for women looking to make their side-hustle, their main-hustle. Amanda is also a long-time friend of mine and I brought her on the show to discuss money realness and share her top productivity tips. If your looking for motivation to take the leap from your corporate job or you just want to hear us talk about income fluctuations and money mindset, this will be a great episode to tune in to!

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  1. Peep Amanda's platform She Did It Her Way.
  2. Build a Story Brand - Donald Miller*
  3. The Full Focus Planner*

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