Episode 120: Embodying What You Teach to Scale Your Business with Viola Hug

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WW 120: Viola Hug on Embodying What You Teach to Scale Your Business

Ready to bust away from imposter syndrome and build a business that feels fully aligned and authentic to you? Viola Hug, intuitive business coach and mentor for visionaries, is sharing the three stages to full educational and practice embodiment. Meaning, she believes that there is a difference between knowing and truly being, and this transition will help you build and scale your coaching business.

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Resources From This Episode

  1. Check out ViolaHug.com

  2. Tune into my interview on the Abundant Babe Podcast

  3. Follow Viola on Instagram (@ViolaHug).

  4. Viola’s Book Recommendation:

    1. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks*

    2. You Are An Abundant Babe by Viola Hug*

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