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Episode 124: Asking My Business Coach All The Things with Shauna VanBogart

WW 124 Shauna VanBogart on Going High-Touch, Low-Tech, Getting out of your own way, and moving into your 2.0 version of yourself.png

WW 124: Shauna VanBogart on Leveling Up Into Your 2.0, Going High-Touch, Low-Tech, and Letting The Good Things Go

I’m interviewing my coach today and asking her all the burning questions around business, marketing, goal setting, strategizing, and how we work with our own clients and customers. She shares some of the ways we can level up into our 2.0 version of ourselves as business owners and individuals, as well as how to create marketing and business strategies from the inside out. Plus, Shauna drops so many great money mindset nuggets that you are all going to love.

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  4. Viola’s Book Recommendation:

    1. Busting Loose From The Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld*

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