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Episode 128: Do You Need a Business Bank Account? Plus, What To Consider

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WW 128: Do You Need a Business Bank Account? Plus, What To Consider - Soloshow

Do you need a business bank account? This episode will answer one of the most popular and seemingly unanswerable question I see in the online business world. If you decide a business bank account is right for you, I’m also walking you through my top criteria (and providing you with my awesome checklist) to ensure you’re getting a great account, and not paying fees for no value. Loving this episode? Take a screenshot and share it on Instagram! Tag me so I can send you some love (@Tess_Wicks)

Listen to the show:

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Helpful Resources

  1. Banks That Check My Boxes:

    1. First Internet Bank

    2. U.S. Bank (Have to go in person - double check their savings account options!)

    3. Capital One Spark Business (Not open to new applications at this time)

    4. Local Banks & Credit Unions! (You might have the best luck setting up a business bank account here and going in person to request multiple checking & savings accounts!)

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