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Words and Money: Getting Financially Fit with Shannon McLay

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W+M 050: An Interview with Shannon McLay

Shannon McLay is the founder of The Financial Gym, a fun place to chat with a financial trainer and get your finances in order to start living the life of your dreams. Shannon left a "traditional" financial services to start her own company because she felt the traditional financial services didn't have the tools or resources to help people in their 20s and 30s. Shannon is the host of a podcast, Martinis and Your Money. In this episode we talk about millennials and money, why paying off student debt shouldn't be our total fixation, and how we can somewhat have our cake and eat it too when it comes to building wealth and paying off those loans.

Listen to the show:

What we talk about:

Getting Financially Fit - A podcast interview with Shannon McLay on millennials and their money.
  • What money was like for Shannon growing up.
  • How focusing on retirement too early in life was Shannon's biggest money mistake.
  • Shannon's best money habit.
  • What living a wealthy life means to her.

Takeaway: Millennials Money

  • What is holding millennials back from taking action with their finances?
  • The "marathon analogy" for your finances. Doing it a few miles at a time.
  • Shannon's frustration with millennial's fixation on paying down their student loan debt.
  • Building wealth AND paying down your student loan debt - taking a balanced approach because you can do both.
  • What is the best point to start thinking about getting a financial planner, advisor, or coach?
  • Why Shannon named her place the Financial Gym - and how she lost 50 pounds.