Words and Money: FOMO, Self-Love, and Money with Ashley Starr

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W+M 053: An Interview with Ashley Starr

Ashley Starr is a life coach who specializes in self-love and purpose. She works with modern and free-spirited women who are paralyzed by the fear of settling. Ashley helps them find their purpose, experience self-acceptance, and live a life full of passion, confidence, and self-love. In this episode Ashley shares her take on how FOMO (the "fear of missing out") can hurt our own self-love AND have an impact on our personal finances. We talk about how having a gratitude practice and abundance mind-set can lead to success no matter your financial situation, and she walks us through how to implement various gratitude routines and practices into our day so we can experience a life of abundance.

Listen to the show:

A fantastic interview with Ashley Starr about the cost of F.O.M.O. on our wallet and own self-love on The Words and Money Podcast - Check it out!

What we talk about:

  • What money was like for Ashley growing up and how money has been for her as she starts her own company.
  • How Ashley guides her clients through being grateful and having an abundant mindset.
  • How to implement a daily gratitude practice.
    • Gratitude journaling
    • Gratitude walks
    • Meditation as it pertains to abundance (the Root Chakra)
  • What results a gratitude practice can lead to.
  • Ashley's biggest money mistake.
  • Why Ashley chose to go on a life-changing trip and go through yoga teacher-training.

Takeaway: NOMO FOMO - How Feeling Left Out Can Cost You

  • How FOMO can impact your self-love and personal happiness.
  • How "feeling left out" can impact your personal finances.
  • How to diminish the impact of FOMO
    • Recognize
    • Reassess
    • Reduce
    • Reuse and Recycle
  • How to balance social media use with self-love.
  • Ashley's morning routine.
FOMO, Self-Love, and Money with Ashley Starr on the Words and Money Podcast
FOMO, Self-Love, and Money with Ashley Starr on the Words and Money Podcast

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