Words and Money: Pitch Yourself Rich with Amanda Berlin

W+M 038: An Interview with Amanda Berlin

Amanda Berlin is the creator of Pitch School which helps entrepreneurs pitch themselves to the media and get coverage that grows their businesses. In this episode Amanda and I discuss the importance of the self-talk and little stories we tell ourselves about money. How each mini message turns into a day of mini messages which turns into a year and then becomes our life where we’re telling ourselves that we’re not good with money or not worthy of making more. Amanda teaches us how to shift and reposition those stories for abundance and wealth.

Listen to the show:

Learn how to tweak your money self-talk and master those negotiations from this Words and Money Podcast interview with communications expert, Amanda Berlin. Such great advice!

What we talk about:

  • How Amanda uses her communication expertise to help entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their brand.
  • Why business owners and entrepreneurs need publicity.
  • Amanda shares her money story and her mantra: "Do what you want and you'll figure out how to pay for it."
  • How the meaning of freedom and wealth is all about perception for each individual.
  • Amanda shares her biggest money mistake.
  • As individuals we can take a stand that we are worth what we decide we are worth.

Takeaway: Money Self-Talk and Negotiating

  • How to have conversations with ourselves that are powerful and productive every single day.
  • How to pitch your value without sounding braggy
  • Approaching negotiations by standing in your value. - You know your stuff!
  • Let them throw out the number.
  • "S/he who talks first, loses."
  • Stepping into your role as an expert and how your personal story plays into that.
Money self-talk and negotiations on this episode of the Words and Money Podcast with communications expert, Amanda Berlin
Amanda Berlin shares her money story and how to use your communication skills in negotiating and how to stand in your value on the Words and Money Podcast.

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