Words and Money: Breaking Up With Debt with LaTisha Styles

W+M 007: Interview with LaTisha Styles

LaTisha is a nationally recognized millennial personal finance expert and blogs over at Through her coaching programs and signature Financial Success Toolkit, LaTisha motivates young professionals and emerging entrepreneurs helping them to budget, invest, and achieve success. In this episode, I ask LaTisha to share her debt story with us, when she realized she was making decisions based on the debt she was carrying, and how she managed to budget her life so she could pay off more than 30,000 dollars in consumer debt in 3 years, plus a ton more. Take a listen!

Listen to the show:

What You'll Learn:

  • How LaTisha grew up around money, got interested in finance, and started her blog.
  • LaTisha's story of paying off over $30,000 in consumer debt in 3 years.
  • All about her all-cash budget.
  • The questions LaTisha would ask herself to break her impulse to shop.
  • LaTisha's truly inspiring definition of financial freedom
  • How she pays herself first, saving 10-15% of her income first.
Learn how this girl payed off over $30,000 in consumer debt in 3 years

“Having the skills to earn money no matter what situation I’m in. That was when I truly felt like I found financial freedom.”

“Money is a tool. It has no power, it’s an inanimate object. It only allows you to make those decisions that you want to make, and make your life the way you want to make it, so don’t give it any more power than what it has.”

"Choose what you want to do with your dollars, direct those dollars, and have them work for you."