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Episode 67: Building Wealth and Making More with Stefanie O'Connell

WW 067 Stefanie O'Connell on Building Wealth and Making More

WW 067: Stefanie O'Connell on Building Wealth and Making More

Today I'm joined by Stefanie O'Connell, millennial money expert, author, public speaker, and a dear friend of the pod. This is Stefanie's second time on the show, and after two years we're catching up and leveling up our approach to money. I ask Stefanie to share all her knowledge on how you can successfully negotiate your salary. We also chat about the backward nature of why people want to buy homes, and Stefanie spills the tea on her bicep-building non-negotiable money indulgence, plus so much more!

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Resources From This Episode

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  3. Stefanie's Salary Negotiation Playbook

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