Episode 78: Women REALLY Rock at Investing!

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WW 078: Why and How Women REALLY Rock at Investing - Soloshow

Studies show: Women investing in the stock market outperform men. Today I'm sharing why and how I think this is done, plus some important reasons why women, especially, need to start investing ASAP.

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Resources From This Episode:

  1. Proof that all this is true :)

  2. Episode 43 with Amy Hubble explaining Compound Interest

  3. This Blog Post to show you the power of Compound Interest for two investors (Clueless edition… yes, the movie)

  4. The FREE 10-Day Investing 101 Bootcamp

Helpful Resources

  1. My YouTube Video covering this topic: Why Women Rock at Investing

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  3. Check out The Money Program (get your financial life together in 6 weeks!)

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