Words + Money: Feel-Good Spending and Fiscal Foreplay with Michelle Bobrow

Feel Good Spending and Fiscal Foreplay - Michelle Bobrow Words & Money Podcast

W+M 002: An Interview with Michelle Bobrow

This week on the 'pod' I'm sitting down with Michelle Bobrow and picking her brain about all things money. Michelle is the founder and personal finance strategist behind The Holistic Wallet, a place on the web that will help you set a financial foundation, and provides creative and casual guidance to reign in control of your spending, overcome your mental money blocks, and optimize your cash flow.

Listen to the show:

Learn how to feel good about your spending and have the money-talk with your partner, all in this episode of the Words and Money Podcast.

What we talk about:

  • Budgets and Big Things - "The personal finance course to bankroll the life you crave."
  • How The Holistic Wallet was formed
  • Investing without actually having to "invest"
  • Fiscal Foreplay and how to talk about money in a relationship
  • Michelle's Financial Freedom "I made it" moment
  • Quick & Dirty Q&A
    • Hear about Michelle's dream to open a candle shop
    • Her best money habit that has brought her success
    • Favorite app: YNAB
  • Love for thanksgiving and dog sweaters
"Use your money towards the things you're passionate about."
"The way I define financial freedom is the freedom of choice."
"I can't afford everything, but I can afford everything that I want. I can afford my priorities."
"Just be conscious about your money. Once you're conscious and looking at everything is the first step towards making really good decisions with your money."

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