Words and Money: The Fiercest Type of Homeownership with Limor Markman

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W+M 037: An Interview with Limor Markman

Limor Markman is the woman, the voice, and the star behind Limor.Money. She produces a weekly show called LimorTV offering a feminine financial perspective. In this episode, Limor shares her expertise on buying real estate and homeownership. More specifically, she poses an alternative option which is becoming a real estate investor, or a rental property investor instead of a homeowner. We discuss the importance of having multiple streams of income, how to be financially fabulous and so much more.

Listen to the show:

What we talk about:

  • Limor shares her money story and what motivated her to create a YouTube channel educating women about money.
  • How she learned about debt from her money experience growing up.
  • What she has learned through real estate investing.
  • How to break down your savings goals into bite-sized pieces and use that to prioritize spending and saving.
  • Biggest Mistake: Losing money in the stock market.
  • Limor's advice for young career driven women on money. Hint: building multiple streams of income.

Takeaway: Buying an Investment Property Over a Home

Love this! A Better Alternative to Becoming a Homeowner (especially if you're a millennial in need of savings, cashflow, and flexibility!) This was such an informative interview and helped me re-think my future goal of buying a home. Thanks for pinning!
  • Why people believe they need to become a homeowner.
  • The benefits of buying an investment property instead of a home
    • Live in the areas you want to live in by renting.
    • Qualify for a mortgage and use a downpayment to buy a rental property on the outskirts of your city.
    • Benefit from appreciation and forced savings of paying your mortgage.
    • Have flexibility to move wherever you want without having to sell your property under pressure.
    • Make extra cashflow on top.
  • You don't necessarily have to get into the rental investment property business all by yourself.
  • Know your responsibilities as a landlord and select your tenants properly.
  • Steps to getting an investment property - Get Limor's Download TEXT: "Real Estate" to the Number: 77982.
  • How to know how much you can afford and how much you will need for a down payment.
Limor Markman shares her advice and knowledge around creating multiple streams of income. We focus on becoming a real estate investor instead of a homeowner and how that is better suited for the millennial generation. All on the Words and Money Podcast.
Achieving anything personally, professionally, or financially must start with setting goals. Get more of Limor Markman's incredible tips and advice on the Words and Money Podcast.


Contact Limor: Twitter and Instagram @Limor_Markman