Words and Money: What They Don't Tell You About Homeownership with Lauren Bowling

What They Don't Tell You About Homeownership with Lauren Bowling

W+M 034: An Interview with Lauren Bowling

Lauren Bowling is an ex-actor and reformed shopaholic turned finance blogger and business owner. Her message to anyone out there is this, "If I can go from financial sh*t show, to a financially independent adult, you definitely can." Her blog is LBeeandTheMoneyTree.com where she shares her journey from financial mess to financial success. In this episode, Lauren and I dive into the pros and cons of homeownership and the home buying process. We talk about what to expect when applying for a mortgage loan, and Lauren shares some of the challenges she personally faced in purchasing a home.

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What we talk about:

  • Lauren shares her money story and who influenced her money habits growing up.
  • What Lauren has noticed after being a financial blogger and how money conversations happen a lot more casually with her now that she writes about finance.
  • Moving to New York to become an actor with a lot of debt and having to get a desk job.
  • Be proactive and be empowered to go out and get the financial education you need.
  • Think in terms of money abundance instead of money scarcity. - How to make more money.
  • Be gentle with yourself - even if you just do one thing a day or a week to mind and tend to your finances - it's a step in the right direction.
Learn the pros and cons of homeownership, what you need to know before buying a home, including the hidden costs and organizational items and documents you'll need in place. Everything is in this interview with Lauren Bowling.

Takeaway: What You Need to Know About Buying a Home

  • Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Buying
  • The homeownership lifestyle
  • First steps to take when you're ready to buy a home.
  • All the costs that go into buying a home (other than the cost of the home, itself)
  • Organizing your information
  • Ask questions! You may not know what to ask or what to look for so be very curious, Google questions or ask parents and friends. Do your homework.
  • Budgeting for basic things.
  • Lauren's experience with buying a fixer-upper.
  • How to Buy a Home in Your 20s - Lauren's blog post
We're talking about homeownership and everything you need to know when making the decision to buy a home with LBee and The Money Tree.
Learn how to use your money to achieve your dreams with Lauren Bowling from LBee and The Money Tree

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