Words and Money: Getting Unstuck and Insured with Katie Waters

unstuck and insured with katie waters

W+M 006: Interview with Katie Waters

This week I'm sitting down with Katie Waters, Certified Financial Planner, Advisor, and Owner of Stable Waters Financial, a comprehensive financial planning firm. Katie is passionate about helping individuals with cash flow issues. That's the basics of their budgets, making sure they have enough money to pay off their debt, pay for their day-to-day life, and save for their goals. Then she dives into insurance and investments. This week, I leverage Katie's expertise to help us understand what insurance is appropriate to have at this time in our lives. With Katie's expertise, I created a cheat sheet you can refer to and modify for your life-stage scenario. See the button, below. Katie offers great insight into our insurance coverage and specific tips for some of our policies.

Listen to the show:

Learn how to get unstuck and insured - Use the free guide (included) to understand what type of insurance is right for you.

Covered in the interview:

  • What is Stable Waters Financial
  • Financial Planning and Cash Flow Management (a comparison)
  • Getting people un-stuck with cash flow management
  • Insurance for millennial-aged women (get the checklist below!)
  • An easy calculation to make sure we're properly covered with insurance
  • How Katie got interested in finance plus her first money memory
  • Katie’s “I made it”/Avocado moment
  • Quick and Dirty Q&A
  • Katie’s tips for saving up for big goals (like travel)
“It’s just getting people unstuck. People are so stuck in their cashflow.”
“Sometimes people can make you see your money more clearly.”
“I can’t stress enough how important it is to make a good choice with your health insurance.”
“The most important thing of insurance that people don’t realize they need is long-term disability insurance.”
“Most people spend about 65% of their gross income to run their household every month.”
“We go through all of this education. We take out loans to provide education. We grind every day to climb the ladder and better ourselves professionally to produce an income to fuel a lifestyle. We insure our cars, we ensure our health, we insure our houses and our belongings if we rent, and we insure our jewelry if we get married. Why are people not paying attention to insuring their income? It is the thing that drives everything.”
“The millennial generation is one of the most un- or under-insured generations to have come through a modern era.”
“I learned early on that money provided, not happiness, but things to compliment your lifestyle.”
“When you’re an entrepreneur, you eat what you kill.”
"Be intentional with your spending."


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