Words and Money: Why You Need a Wedding Fund with Jessica Moorhouse

W+M 011: An Interview with Jessica Moorhouse

Jessica Moorhouse is a fellow personal finance podcaster on the Mo’Money Podcast, seasoned blogger at JessicaMoorhouse.com, and new internet friend of mine. Jessica writes about saving money, frugal living, and integrating more balance into our lives. In this episode we discuss so much from the difference between American and Canadian finance, saving and preparing for the cost of your wedding, (that one thing we tend to underestimate our entire lives) and side hustles - why you should do one and how to find them. Jessica is an open book. She’s so honest in her answers and truly is your best girlfriend that will talk openly to you about money.

Listen to the show:

How we keep the conversation rollin':

All the things to expect when preparing your budget for the big day.
  • The Mo’Money Podcast and the influence of being a personal finance blogger and podcaster
  • Differences between American and Canadian Finance
  • Wedding Budgets – When to start saving and how to know how much it will cost
  • Jessica’s Wedding Unveiled on her blog
  • Her Wedding and What it Really Cost Part 1 and Part 2
  • Her Wedding Budget: One Year and $16,000 Later
  • Throwing a Wedding: The Dos and The Don’ts
  • How Much Jessica Has Made In a Decade
  • What is holding us back from achieving financial success?
  • Side hustles and how you can find one for yourself.
  • The Rich & Fit 21-Day Challenge
  • Of course, Jessica answers my Quick and Dirty Q&A
“The average wedding costs $25,000.”
“It’s nice to know what other people are making because then if you are looking for a new job you know how much you should ask for.”
“A lot of us don’t believe that we deserve to make more or have success, all these ridiculous old timey thoughts.”
“In my mind I feel we should be making exactly the same salaries as our male counterparts and there shouldn’t be a limit.”
“The money habit that has given me the most success and helped me reach my financial goals is saying ‘no’ and walking away.”
“If you don’t want to spend that much money then don’t.”
“Put more value on your dollar. You work so hard for your money don’t just waste it.”
“No matter how much or how little money you have, create a budget and track your spending, track your net worth, so you have a guideline for success.”
“If you want a better life for yourself, if you want more balance in your life, if you want more money, save more money—it is possible—you just need to make that a priority in your life.”
“Put your money first.”


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