Words and Money: Part 1 - Mastering Money Matters with Jen Turrell

W+M 003: Part 1 Interview with Jen Turrell

Jen is a personal prosperty coach helping women entrepreneurs and self-employed women take control of their finances over at JenTurrell.com, but I like to call Jen my rockstar inspired financial comrade. This is Part 1 with my interview with Jen and we get deep with topics like divorce, domestic violence when it comes to money, women’s role in history with money, and discrimination against women in the workplace. There is so much depth here and I am so thankful to have someone like Jen come on the show to share her view and have an open discussion about it!

Listen to the show:

Learn the top tips to master your money matters from a women's finance expert.

What we talk about:

  • How her record label and special needs financing helped her succeed in the entrepreneurial world
  • Transition to working with women entrepreneurs on their own personal finance
  • How being in a punk rock band taught her responsible and straightforward money strategies
  • What Jen learned about money growing up
  • We dive into the history of women’s roles with money (which was really nothing)
  • Domestic violence and how that links to women’s own financial autonomy. Jen’s interview with Lindsay Fischer.
  • Jen’s Podcast: Financial Fluency: Speaking the Language of Money
  • The future of women in the workplace and discrimination in work and pay
  • What you would have to pay to cover all the different roles the average housewife plays
  • The difference between men and women when it comes to money

“I started my record label straight out of college…. So I at least had a side business as well as having some jobs over the years.” – 5:52

“With women and money: A lot of us carry guilt and shame over things that have happened in the past, and want help figuring it out but not condescension or judgement.” – 6:38

“I often existed by paying my rent with gig money.” – 9:25

“I saw a similar pattern with my mother… which was just that men were in charge of money, and I didn’t really like that in terms of thinking forward to my future and marriage.” – 12:55

“I would love for all women to always feel like they can leave any situation even if it’s uncomfortable.” – 15:33

"I feel like having financial independence gives us more choices, it gives us more power over our own lives." - 16:06

"It’s discrimination when women are paid less, and when women are put in a position where, in order to live a full feminine experience of their lives which may include having children, to be punished to have that mommy penalty.” -20:31



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