Episode 91: Bravely Going After Your Financial Goals with Kara Perez

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WW 091: Kara Perez on Bravely Going After Your Financial Goals

Kara Perez is the owner of Bravely, a financial education company that hosts pop-up events around the U.S. and provides one-on-one money coaching. Kara and I chat about how to get out of situations where you feel stuck and underwater by making some big changes and even finding alternative streams of income to supercharge your progress. She shares her tips on side-hustling and how to establish your side business or full-time business for the first time.

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Resources From This Episode

  1. Check Out Bravely.

  2. Kara’s best investment was starting her blog - Here’s how you can do the same… or start a podcast :)

  3. Personal Finance Book Recommendation: Get Money by Kristin Wong*

  4. Follow Kara on Instagram.

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