Episode 79: Money, Meditation and Magic with Cassandra Bodzak

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WW 079: Cassandra Bodzak on Money, Meditation, and Magic

Cassandra Bodzak is an author, entrepreneur, and very great friend of mine. Her book, Eat With Intention, helps readers build rituals around food and spirituality by combining well-rounded recipes with guided meditations. In this episode we cover SO many topics to help women with their money, relationships with food, managing the comparison trap of social media, and building rituals to create a life that lights them up, plus so much more.

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Resources From This Episode

  1. Get Cassandra’s Book Eat With Intention*

  2. Get Your Spiritual Gym Membership at Aprecity.com

  3. YouTube: Cassandra’s Rockstar Guided Meditation

  4. Book Recommendation: The Abundance Book - John Randolph Price*

  5. YouTube: EFT Releasing Money Blocks

  6. YouTube: Abraham Hicks Financial Abundance Meditation

  7. Cassandra’s Instagram @CassandraBodzak

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