Episode 77: Design Your Dream Life with Natalie Bacon

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WW 077: Natalie Bacon on Designing Her Dream Life

Natalie Bacon is a success coach and online entrepreneur with a focus on helping creative, ambitious women master their mindset and make money online doing what they love. She's also a dear friend of mine so I'm so excited to chat with her in this interview! We talk about her top tips to help you design your dream life, how she got to where she is today (living her dream life) from being heartbroken just one year ago, and we also discuss her philosophy and mindset towards money.

Listen to the show:

Resources From This Episode

  1. UPDATE: Get inside the Design Your Dream Life Academy at 15% off! (Use coupon code: “WanderWealthy15”)

  2. Natalie’s Website: www.NatalieBacon.com

  3. 6-Figure Blogger Course by Create and Go.

  4. Podcast Episode 16: Natalie’s Interview on Student Loans

  5. Natalie’s Recommendation: The Life Coach School Podcast

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