Episode 70: Invested Development with Amanda Holden

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WW 070: Amanda Holden on Invested Development

Ready to get a crash course on investing for your future? In this episode, I interview The Dumpster Dog herself, Amanda Holden. We talk all things investing, being willing to make big changes to save an enormous amount of money, and so much more. I hope you have your notebook and pen ready - this episode is STOCK full or really premium content.

Listen to the show:

Resources From This Episode

  1. Get to know Amanda, AKA Dumpster Dog.

  2. Three awesome investing blog posts you must read:

    1. Greatest Stock Market News

    2. When The Stock Market Blows

    3. Are You Ready For A Stock Market Crash?

  3. Amanda's Recommended Reading: The Little Book of Common Sense Investing - John Bogle

  4. Follow Amanda:

    1. Instagram (@Dumpster.Doggy)

    2. Twitter (@DumpsterDoggie)

    3. Facebook (@InvestedDevelop)

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