Episode 63: Financial Prep for Transitioning into Self-Employment with Whitney Hansen

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WW 063: Whitney Hansen on Financial Prep for Transitioning to Self-Employment

Today I'm sitting down with Whitney Hansen, a fellow money coach and content creator who has recently left her full-time job and made the transition to full-time entrepreneurship/self-employment. On this episode we're diving into her money story and she's sharing her top 3 money tips for making this transition easier for you!

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Resources From This Episode

  1. Whitney's Blog: whitneyhansen.com (Check out her Journey To Minimalism series.)
  2. Peep her post on How She Booked a 10-day Trip to Italy for $1,200!)
  3. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  4. Podcasts:
    1. Kate's Take
    2. The Skinny Confidential
    3. My Favorite Murder
  5. Apps:
    1. A Color Story - Instagram App
    2. Qapital - Money App

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