Words and Money: Business, Money, and Growing Into Your Confidence with Farissa Knox

W+M 047: An Interview with Farissa Knox

Farissa Knox is a wife, mother-of-two, and the founder of TWO businesses, RLM Media and WhatRUWearing. She's a badass entrepreneur and truly is growing a business empire. In this episode we talk about making money, running a business, building an empire, and balancing it all. Hear Farissa's biggest money mistake and her definition of rich.

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What we talk about:

  • Why Farissa is grateful for the aging process and how turning 30 changed things for her confidence.
  • Farissa's business money mistake - What happened when she didn't do her due diligence to make sure her client could pay the bills.
  • The importance of asking questions in both your personal and business finances.
  • How Farissa finds affordable fashion pieces.
  • Farissa's definition of rich.
Business, Money, and Growing Into Your Confidence with Farissa Knox - This is such an inspiring and motivating interview! I've never heard two people speak so openly about business and making money. A great one to check out!

Takeaway: How Farissa Built Her Business at 27

  • Farissa's founder story: How she got the guts to start her own business and how she got started.
  • How Farissa handled money in her business from making it in her business to paying herself.
  • Going from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset.
  • The difference between being an entrepreneur and working for yourself.
  • What it means to "not take a paycheck" from your business yet still afford to live.
  • Becoming besties with your business banker.
  • Finding a partner/spouse that has the same financial outlook with you.
  • What Farissa would do if her business disappeared and all she had was $500 to create a new business.
Farissa Knox, founder of RLM Media and WhatRUWearing, explains how to be long-term greedy so you can focus on building wealth.
Farissa Knox, founder of RLM Media and WhatRUWearing, shares how her money mindset changed from employee to entrepreneur in this episode of the Words and Money Podcast

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