Words and Money: 5 Ways to Afford Your Dream Vacation - a Soloshow

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W+M 031: 5 Ways to Afford Your Dream Vacation with Tess (a soloshow)

In this episode of the Words and Money podcast I dive into 5 of my 17 ways to afford your dream vacation. These are the 5 things that I truly did to take a big 12-day vacation this summer, and I'm sharing all of the details and stories behind the what, why and how I did it. Also, I share where Words and Money is going as we've already had 30 episodes in the books. Shifting to focus more on exploring a world of what wealth means to us (which can be very subjective so we'll dive into it all: health, fitness, travel, business, spirituality, etc.) but we'll still hold tight to our money roots and have open and casual conversations about money. Take a listen!

Listen to the show:

5 Ways I afford to Travel and how You can Afford that Dream Vacation on The Words and Money Podcast