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Episode 85: Homeownership as a Lifestyle Purchase with Desirae Odjick

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WW 085: Desirae Odjick on Homeownership as a Lifestyle Purchase

Do you want to buy a home? Or do you feel like you should buy a house? Desirae Odjick, of, joins me to discuss homeownership, how it’s more of a lifestyle purchase than an investment decision, and if you’re ready to become a home owner, Desirae is giving you some top tips to save up for that down payment and prepare yourself for the biggest purchase of your life. She’s also spilling her own money plans, how her spouse and she manage their finances, and so much more.

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Resources From This Episode

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  2. Desirae’s blog post on How You Don’t NEED To Buy a House.

  3. Business/Freelance Book Recommendation: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz*

  4. Personal Finance Book Recommendation: Worry-Free Money by Shannon Lee Simmons*

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