Episode 64: Unconventional Money Moves with Molly Rose Speed

WW 064 Molly Rose Speed on Unconventional Money Moves

WW 064: Molly Rose Speed on Making Money as a VA and Unconventional Financial Practices

Today I'm sitting down with Molly Rose Speed, a dear friend of mine and operations specialist for online entrepreneurs. She is the expert in implementing and scaling systems using technology and tools online. She is also the founder of The Academy for Virtual Assistants, and online platform that helps educate people to start their own VA business so they can support other business owners. On this episode we're diving into Molly Rose and her husband's unconventional money moves that they are making as an alternative to the traditional financial planning methods we all know today.

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  2. The Infinite Self - Stuart Wilde*
  3. Essentialism - Greg McKeown*

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