Words and Money: How To Make Extra Money by Becoming a Freelancer with Carrie Smith Nicholson

W+M 036: How to Make Extra Money by Becoming a Freelancer with Carrie Smith Nicholson

W+M 036: An Interview with Carrie Smith Nicholson

Carrie Smith Nicholson is the voice behind the Careful Cents brand, a community of solopreneurs and freelancers who are committed to building life-centered businesses. Carrie is a successful freelance business writer and uses her experience to educate others on how to become a freelancer. In this interview, we heavily focus on learning all about the freelance world from Carrie and how to go about finding clients, pricing your services, and more.

Listen to the show:

Love this! - How To Make Extra Money by Becoming a Freelancer - I've been looking for actionable advice on how to make money as a freelance writer. This podcast interview came at just the right time! Thanks for sharing!

What we talk about:

  • Carrie shares her money story on how she utilized money to be in control of her life.
  • Credit card debt and how Carrie got out of it, even through a divorce.
  • Handling not having a steady paycheck and building up an emergency savings for your business.
  • How to treat your money situation the way that it is, not the way you wish it should be.
  • Carrie has 15+ bank accounts! (She beat my 7 Savings Accounts.)
  • Be the boss of your money, your business, and yourself.

Takeaway: Earn Extra Income by Freelancing

  • How earning extra income through freelancing saved Carrie's life.
  • The different ways you can be a freelancer - What freelancing is
  • Take a lateral transition to figure out what you can offer with a freelancing gig.
  • How to find your first clients.
  • How to price your freelance services (especially when you're just starting out).
  • How Carrie manages working with her clients.
  • Using a community to quit your job and take your freelancing full-time.
Carrie Smith Nicholson on making extra money and how freelancing changed her life - An interview on the Words and Money Podcast
Advice from Carrie Smith Nicholson on the Words and Money Podcast - How to treat your money.

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