Words and Money: Allowing Your Money to Work For You with Brittney Castro

W+M 010: Interview with Brittney Castro

Brittney Castro is the Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Women, a Los Angeles-based fee-only financial planning firm for entrepreneurial and professional women. As a certified financial planner, Brittney has expertise in helping women learn how to build wealth. I took advantage of Brittney’s expertise in this episode and we dove into investing and understanding compound interest.

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Learn how the rich make money with their money from this expert.

What we talk about:

  • Brittney’s background and how she started Financially Wise Women
  • Understanding investing and compound interest
  • Getting clear about what you’re investing FOR – Be specific
  • Understand risks and expectations, and how to avoid acting irrational with the markets
  • The myths and roadblocks of talking to a financial professional
  • Not being afraid to ask your financial questions – you’re not supposed to know the answers on your own!
  • What holds us back from achieving financial success?
  • The “You Gotta Work” music video
  • Brittney’s Weekly Money Dates
  • The answers to my Quick and Dirty Q&A
“All that time and money and energy I invested in myself, led me to create what I have now.”
“Compound interest is really just allowing your money to work for you, it’s the secret to building wealth.”
“When you’re investing, make sure you’re very clear about what you’re investing for. You have to be specific.”
“People need financial planning, and it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”
“Money is universal, it’s not like one person struggles with something and they’re the only person in the world who struggles with a budget.”
“The number one thing that holds you back is just not owning your financial life.”
“Women are really good at being money managers. They just don’t give themselves that credit.”
“Most of the overwhelm, stress, and anxiety comes from not knowing.”
“Love your money. Be clean with it, have fun with it, enjoy it, don’t be attached to it. Enjoy making it, enjoy saving it, enjoy spending it, enjoy investing it—and know that it is possible to have a healthy, loving relationship with your money.”


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