hey instagramer! Welcome to Words+Money

Welcome to Words + Money

... a Blog and Podcast that will help you sift through the B.S. of those money mysteries you don't know you don't yet know.

See? It's a complicated world out there. Let me help you get a little more clear and gain a little more control. So you can strap on your sexy leather boots (do we still wear those?) and hit the town with your girlfriends knowing you've got the funds to splurge AND save.

You see, we can have our cake AND eat it too.


Here's what's happening over on the blog:

(This is where I store all my sassy thoughts about words and money. Which is probably the reason for the name...)

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(If you would rather receive the best money advice from my expert guests (and sometimes me) straight into your earballs.)

Still not sure about this girl(?!)

Here's some more deets about yours truly so you can trust me to be your best money-savvy girlfriend.

Ask me anything, give me feedback, suggest a topic, I'll be happy to address it. (except for my take on the latest Scandal season, regrettably, I do not have cable television.)

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