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Welcome! This place is dedicated to conquering doubts and gaining confidence around a life of unapologetic money matters. Over here we focus on finding clarity, understanding, and control over our current spending situation with no judgement and a little extra attention on the fact that finance can be scary, emotional, and pretty damn confusing!

My goal is to add a little snark, sass, and humor into your financially savvy, goal attaining journey by taking these particularly dry and mind-numbing topics and showing you that... well, getting smart with your money isn't only for the mega-rich big boys, and it doesn't have to be quite as boring and unrelatable as we all might assume it is.


Before I began my research, I never thought of the emotional connection between money and confidence. When we are not in control of our financial situations, we feel as though our debt "owns" us and holds us back from pursuing our dreams and deepest passions. With proper care, increased awareness, and a touch of organized fun, we can get a grasp on what we may never have had before, the freedom of being financially secure.

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I want to thank you for jumping over here to check out what I've been passionately pouring my heart into.

It is my hope that I can bring clarity, confidence and a sense of control to the women (and men) who want to get their spending in check, budgets organized, cashflow positive, and reach maximum accountability for their money matters. Through my blog, coaching and speaking sessions, and future products and videos, I strive to help you find a way to get excited about your finances.

Please reach out if you're up for some intriguing discussion, spontaneous song and dance, or want to talk about any season of the Bachelor franchise - guilty... <insert 'customer service girl' hand-in-air emoji here>

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