words + money coaching

Really just need to start from scratch and get a clear look at all things money related?

In my 1-on-1 coaching sessions we'll take a bird's eye look at what's going on with every aspect of your money matters. Then we'll get nice and intimate (with your finances, not each other) on the items that need your attention. This 3 month program will have you feeling jazzed about your money and hold you accountable to make fiscally responsible decisions.

I hear it all the time.

"Tess, I don't know where my money went. I made money this year, but I don't know where it went..."

Let's figure that out! Let's conquer the overwhelming problem once and for all, instead of just doing nothing and letting it grow into an even larger problem.

I'm a firm believer that when we don't have the confidence around our money matters, we unconsciously lack confidence to chase after other goals and big dreams in life. I want to help you get that financial confidence and change your money situation so you can be empowered to go after the other goals that will truly fulfill you and bring you happiness.

In today's world, we have so much content, knowledge, and information floating around on Facebook, Google, and the World Wide Web. It's easily accessible and maybe sometimes we read it, but where we fall short is in the execution. I've been there. We know we should be saving and investing for our future, we just don't know how, or we just can't find the right time.

Today is the right time.


The Program

Before we begin, we'll do a free "are you the one" 30-minute call to make sure we are the right fit for each other. If so, the 3 month program will commence and go down as follows:

  • After you confirm, I'll give you some totally painless homework to do before our first 90-minute deep-dive session.

  • 90-minute deep-dive session on Skype where we will take inventory and assess your current situation, then we'll discuss your goals. From there, I'll provide you with action steps to take over the next two weeks, followed up by an email outline of what we discussed, the detailed action steps and a recording of our call.

  • Five 60-minute checkins will occur every 2 weeks (twice per month) to assess the strategy, make tweaks, and slowly implement next steps towards financial confidence and control. Follow-up emails will always come after the calls with outlines, and action items.

  • Personalized action steps to implement between sessions and unlimited email access for accountability, encouragement and emergency help.

Throughout the three months you'll go from panicked and confused to poised and confident and 100% clear on how to achieve your financial goals. The best part? It will all be personalized based on your needs, time, and priorities.

What you will not get with the one-on-one program: Scolded or judged from moves you have made with your money in the past. (or throughout the entire process for that matter - no bullies allowed!) I will not tell you what you can and cannot spend your money on or advise you what insurance or investment vehicles to put your money into, but I will educate you on the impact of spending, saving, investing and insurance and you will be able to make a confident and educated decision based on your comprehensive financial strategy that considers your needs and goals.