9 Travel Destinations Where You Can Work From (so you don't have to take all that vacation time)

9 Places To Visit and Work-From-Anywhere with Your Freedom-Based Business.

My Work-From-Anywhere Bucket List

As I continue on my journey to build a true freedom-based biz, which includes time-freedom, location-freedom, and financial-freedom, I begin to dream about all the paces I could work-from-anywhere with the two types of freedom I have easily been able to achieve. As I build toward financial freedom, it's important for me to find affordable "workation" destinations that will allow me to live and work without breaking the bank. This list of 10 places from around the world are recommendations from freelancers who have been working from the road for years. Enjoy...

**All cost-of-living values are based on Nomad Costs. i.e. staying in cheaper hotels for up to 3 months and eating out 3x per day. You could easily do each of these cities for much cheaper if you were willing to cook at home and stay longer!

1. Tallinn, Estonia

Cost-of-Living: $1,800 per month

Perks: Free WiFi in the city, seaside town bustling with young startups (think: Skype came from Estonia!), provides an old town feel with it's young, technology-leading culture.

2. Berlin, Germany

Cost-of-Living: $2,341 per month

Perks: Loads of co-working spaces, youthful atmosphere, easy-access to other great European cities.

3. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Cost-of-Living: $1,012 per month

Perks: Rich history, bustling nightlife, peaceful temples, delicious food, and the thrill of being in a rapidly developing country.

4. Porto, Portugal

Cost-of-Living: $1,666 per month

Perks: Riverside city with a short trip to the ocean, great food and wine (think: birthplace or Port), Portugal's second largest city without the hype, and can we talk about the colors?! 

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Cost-of-Living: $2,175 per month

Perks: Coffee shops, wine bars, nightlife, dancing, the "Paris of South America," need I say more?!

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Cost-of-Living: $1,622 per month

Perks: A medieval city with youthful nightlife, rich history, and easy-access to other great Euro destinations.

7. Phuket, Thailand

Cost-of-Living: $997 per month

Perks: Low-cost, over 33 beaches, laid-back nature, and the overall ease of exploring the rich culture from a bike or even your feet.

8. Zadar, Croatia

Cost-of-Living: $1,922 per month

Perks: I mean, it's Croatia. Sailing the blue waters, beautiful medieval cities, 

9. Nis, Serbia

Cost-of-Living: $770 per month

Perks: Very low cost-of-living, an extremely ancient city with a dark past but bright future. A unique place to live and explore.

Now it's your turn: What do you love about the cities above? What would you add to your Workation Bucket List?

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