Energy - The Power For Impact

Earlier this week we interviewed Anese Cavanaugh, founder of the IEP Method (Intentional Energetic Presence) on the She Did It Her Way Podcast.

Aside from being an amazing speaker along with an amazing human, Anese has the ability to take the best of leaders and individuals and teach them how to "show up" so that they can create impact in their business.

"You can contribute to or detract from an energetic vibration at any time based upon the story you tell, how you show up, and your intentions behind it."

The interview takes us through ways to reset your energy, discussing the components of IEP and how to step through the IEP sequence. We touched on burnout, "the umph and the ick" and the obnoxious epidemic of being "busy".

"Nobody is inspired by hearing how busy you are."

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