• Seriously intelligent and determined — you kick ass at what you do, and you’re on your way to becoming a distinguished career woman, like Amy Schumer. (but seriously, what is her life? – I want. I need.)
  • Secretly (or not-so-secretly) yearning to gain complete control of your “sad excuse for a” (hey, your words, not mine) personal financial situation.
  • Currently thinking, “I’m nearing my late-twenties and should probably get my shit together,” but would also rather chew on glass than consolidate the past 11 months of bank statements, cut up those credit cards, or God-forbid, stop getting coffee on your way to work. (I’ll round-house kick the next suited-up, dad’s financial planner, punk who demands you stop anything that brings such joy on a daily basis, as coffee does.)
  • Wishing you could avoid that feeling of straight panic when you think about money stuff, experience the freedom of being at ZERO with your debt, become disgustingly Pinterest-mom organized, and feel so good about your money sitch, you can spend unapologetically. (because those walls ain’t gonna dress themselves!)

But first you’re just looking for some tools, advice, and a sister and best friend who knows a lot about that grownup financial stuff they don’t teach us in school—Like taxes, buying a home, paying off debt, being insured, saving for retirement, investing, oh, and those damn budgets!

And if I just read your mind?

Welcome home, you go-getter - I’m thrilled you’re here.

Words and Money is:

Homebase for your personal finance questions, comments and concerns.

A blog and podcast that gives you no-bullshit advice on how to manage your financial matters, clear out the clutter in your mind about money, and set yourself up for mega-success in the future.

Your best friend who tells the truth, sometimes swears, makes things totally palpable and non-snoozeworthy, and creates a comfortable environment for you to be vulnerable, honest with yourself, and drink all the wine you want. Because what is planning your future if there isn’t wine involved?

And Who’s The Broad Behind The Brand?

I educate career women who secretly yearn to get complete control of their personal finances, stop the panic, and spend unapologetically.

I give them the tools to have more control over their money, while sprinkling in a little fun in the learning process and leaving room for indulgences when it comes to the B-Word (budget).

Tess Wicks_Financial Coach
Tess_wicks_financial coach _funny

I’ve got a background in Actuarial Science, Finance and Insurance, a certification to teach financial literacy through National Financial Educators, and a knack for getting intimate with the intimidating topics of the financial world.

And when I’m not speaking, researching, and writing, I can be found doing Improv late night in the famous Chicago scene, coaching kettlebell classes (because strong is sexy, and I love improving other's lives, not only in finance), or finding a reason to work at a local coffee shop and drink all the coffee. 


If you’re dying to know more, here are 5 things you don’t know about me…

  • I’m an avid writer and do copywriting and content strategy through Yakkety Yak, a content marketing firm based in Chicago.
  • I’m always a ham. My hair is cut at an angle (see picture) and I make faces quite often (see picture) while speaking in accents (not possible to capture in picture).
  • I speak nerd and absolutely love hacking together Excel workbooks that make other’s lives easier.
  • I have played the violin since the first grade and like to consider myself a freelance wedding violinist
  • As a retired cheerleader, I will probably beat you in a smile-off (this is also how I got free textbooks throughout college).

Want to know how you can work with me?

Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.
— Oscar Wilde